An Imperfect Manifesto

(Visualizing yourself at a podium with thousands of Yous in the audience, hanging on to your call to action.)

Today we bid an overdue farewell to our fear of rejection!

The illusion that once kept us safe and small will no longer rob us of our precious time and energy.

Victim-hood in the form of pride in reverse ends here. It ends Now!

The lie of perfectionism will no longer keep us bound to our fears of embarrassment and humiliation.

It will no longer block us from abundant joy!

Procrastination is merely a form of stress relief that we no longer choose.

We vow to use the powerful tools we have learned to triumph over paralyzing self-doubt.

We boldly speak our truth and share our opinions, while accepting that not every person will like us and agree with what we choose to share.

Our dream of making a global impact has reignited.

We will continue to learn how to love ourselves with the hope we will help others learn how to love themselves.

Each day we promise to take one small action towards dissolving our insecurity and growing our courage.

We are intuitive and empathic. It is time to use our superpowers and bring more love and freedom to the shadows in our world.

We no longer choose to be afraid.

We choose to be EXCITED!

We no longer say, ‘but what if…?’

We say, ‘I can’t wait!’

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