Walk and Talk with Tracy

Join our Facebook Live Walk and Talk group each Wednesday morning. Or, watch when you can and join the discussion!

Walk and Talk with Tracy started out as an experiment: 30 days in a row of getting outside, walking, and talking about things that improve our well-being.

The  experiment worked! We created a community of people who want to connect with others, create accountability, and improve the health of their body, mind, and spirit. I was excited to answer the request of a closed group so that conversations in connections can go deeper.

Spread the word and invite friends. The healthier we get ‘in here’, the healthier it gets ‘out there’. ❤️

The Birth of Walk and Talk 

I started running at 11 years old, trained and competed for 15 years, and then coached and worked out with clients for another 15 years. Owning a fitness training business kept me in motion for 12-14 hours a day without much rest. My health was suffering. My cortisol levels were high. I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic despite being in good shape. I looked tired and my joints, tendons, and muscles were begging me to slow down and stop the stress and pounding.

When my husband was hit by a car, our world as we knew it came to a halt and shifted to 6 months of healing and recovery for his broken legs. Without realizing it at the time, it became a period of rest and recovery for my body, too. The biggest takeaway from this period of my life was that I finally SLOWED DOWN and started listening to my body.

Pretty ironic for a fitness instructor, right?

What I miss most about working with my clients is the time we spent walking and talking. We worked not only on their physical health, but also on their emotional and mental well being. It was fun!

Through my own desire to stay in shape and to reconnect with people, I initially created a 30-day series, Walk and Talk. It’s so much easier to get moving and create a healthy habit with a friend. Now we have a whole group connecting around the globe!